From Dennis’s new radio show website:


“Now as far as bin Laden goes, who knows and who cares? If he is still alive, I’m pretty sure at this point, death must look like a promotion to him as he fires up his yak-powered dialysis machine each morning and eats a little lichen off the cave wall.”

“Dennis Kucinich makes me want to legally change my first name, and he has no chance as long as he continues to brandish that heart-shaped tattoo with Neville Chamberlain’s name in it on his right forearm.”

“John Edwards’ condescension towards Cheney and his lesbian daughter in the debate last time marks him, truly, as the emptiest suit out there, of not a suit, denims and a Bull Durham bomber jacket or whatever this preening moron has been told to wear this time around.”

“Do you know why I’m no longer liberal? Because I wanted to stop my sentences one word short of the word “but.” You know, as a liberal, I found myself using the word “but” more frequently than a proctologist filling out his day planner.”

“Would I ever vote for Barack Obama? Maybe. First, I’d have to see if he is ready to preemptively kill radical Islamic terrorists, because that’s really all I’m looking for in a president these days. Everything else is gravy. ”

“They say that Wal-Mart will be the death of small town America. If small town America is so great, why is every third person in Hooterville hooked on meth?”

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