April 2007

Happy 74th to one of the Patron Saints of Texas, next to Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Buddy Holly, and Bob Wills.


Thx to Willie for his many years of bringing Texas music to all those were born here as well as all those who wish they were.

The Twin Peaks solution to school violence? Mass transcendental meditation of course.

twin peaks

Thx to Drudgereport.com

In part due to a 2004 court ruling that ordered Save Our Springs (SOS) to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney fees, SOS has now filed for Chapter 11 protection.


Looks like the blind salamander could have used more fiscally savvy friends.

Thx to SOS and the Austin Business Journal

More support for FDT from near and far.


Thx to the Daily Telegraph

Tony Snow returned to the White House briefing room today, despite still undergoing treatment for his recurrent cancer. Very brave guy indeed.


Thx to FishBowl DC

Quick, what’s the common denominator between Earth and Mars–the Sun. Hmmm, I wonder ….


Thx to the Times Online

Curt Schilling unleashes on his least favorite sportswriters. Always nice when you can say “for proof, just go look at the evidence, it’s currently in Cooperstown.”


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