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Barking Carnival has a fascinating comparison of Coaches Royal, Akers, and Brown’s first decades at the Texas helm. Below, I’ve summarized the comparison between DKR and Mack because it is the most competitive and surprising contrast.

Overall Record:

DKR: 82-23-3; 75.2% winning percentage
Mack: 103-25-0; 80.4% winning percentage

Conference Record:

DKR (SWC): 50-15-2; 75.8% winning percentage
Mack (Big 12): 65-15-0; 81.2% winning percentage


DKR: 2 outright SWC titles, 2 co-championships, and 1 National Championship
Mack: 3 Big 12 South Division championships, 1 Big 12 Championship, and 1 National Championship


DKR: Top 5 five times (1959, 1961-64); Top 20 two times (1957, 1960)
Mack: Top 5 three times (2001, 2004, 2005); Top 10 two times (2002, 2007); Top 25 five times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2006)


DKR: vs. OU (8-2); vs. A&M (10-0)
Mack: vs. OU (4-6); vs. A&M (7-3)

While Mack may be rightly knocked for his lackluster performance against Texas’s most hated rivals (excepting of course the bonfire tragedy year agaisnt A&M), no one can seriously challenge Mack’s amazing overall performance, even as compared to one of the college game’s greatest coaches.

One other thing Mack has accomplished that is unlikely to ever be eclipsed by anyone is having the distinction of winning the “not only the best BCS bowl game ever played, but the best college football game ever played … period.” Texas is as lucky to have Mack as it was to have DKR.

The telling comparison will come during the next ten years, as DKR won two more national titles during that span. Let’s see how many more Mack can bring home to Austin.

Thx to Barking Carnival and ESPN’s Big 12 Blog

His Vinceness

No not that kind of retirement, although he apparently considered it after his first season in Tennessee, but Texas has decided to retire Vince’s jersey, along with several other UT luminaries from various sports: most notably in football Bobby Layne (22) and Tommy Nobis (60).

Young, Nobis, and Layne join Earl Campbell (20) and Ricky Williams (34) as the only other UT football players to have their jerseys retired.

Thx to VY, Tommy Nobis, and Bobby Layne

OK, none that measure the predicted success of the team, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

An endzone Bevo can be proud of

First, with the renovations to DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium northern endzone now complete, DKR now is officially the largest stadium in the Big 12 and the fifth largest in the country.

Now, if we can just get up to 110,000 ....

Second, Texas also tops the Big 12 in coordinator salaries, paying Greg Davis and Will Muschamp each $425,000 this season.

Thx to ESPN’s Big 12 Blog

Over ... rated

Bleacher Report has a list out of college football’s seven most overrated coaches, and I gleefullly report to you that the coach holding the Most Overrated post is none other than OU‘s Bob Stoops.

Now, in a transparent attempt to appear not completely in the tank for Texas, I will say that I don’t think Bob deserves the top spot. The coach ranked number 2 on the list deserves top honors in my estimation: Notre Dame‘s Charlie Weis. At least Stoopie won a national championship just eight years ago, while Charlie has only managed to amass the worst single-season record in Irish history.

That said, the argument that Stoops is overrated is not without merit: after winning the 2000 title, his team lost two subsequent national title games (one of the opponents in which Texas prevailed against the following year in what has been hailed as “not only the best BCS bowl game ever played, but the best college football game ever played … period“) and two other BCS games, including to legendary powerhouse Boise State of blue turf fame.

Thx to Bleacher Report

I sure as heck am. Stewie Mandel over at SI lists the top ten defining games coming up this season, two of which involve Texas:

4. Oklahoma vs. Texas, Oct. 11. While it’s no guarantee the two Red River rivals will make it to their Shootout unscathed — Oklahoma faces early challenges from Cincinnati, Washington and TCU; Texas faces old nemesis Arkansas — they’re still likely to be vying for no less than a Big 12 championship. Between them, the two schools have won five of the past six crowns (though the Sooners claimed all but one of those).

* * *

7. Texas at Texas Tech, Nov. 1. The schedule sets up favorably for the Red Raiders — who return QB Graham Harrell, WR Michael Crabtree and eight other starters on offense — to make a run at their first Big 12 South title, but to do so they’ll almost certainly have to snap their five-game losing streak to the Longhorns. The ever-outspoken Mike Leach claims poor officiating contributed to the past two defeats.

By the way, ESPN recently voted both Texas’s victory over USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl as the best BCS game ever (Texas also held the number 4 spot for its 2005 Rose Victory over Michigan), and Vince Young‘s performance in that game as the best individual BCS performance ever (with his 2005 Rose Bowl performance against Michigan coming in third).

Speaking of his Vinceness, his coach, Jeff Fisher, used VY as an example at the NFL Rookie Symposium this past weekend of just how far the reach of the modern media is:

The first [picture] showed Young posing with fellow participants in a panel discussion during last year’s rookie symposium.

“You recognize the second guy from the left?” Fisher said. “He was here last year, and you know what he talked about? He talked about off-the-field (behavior) … how you guys have got to be really careful because … one little cell phone camera that sends out (photos or video from) here and it ends up here. And guess what? You’re embarrassed.”

Fisher then called for the next slide, taken from photos that recently circulated on the Internet. It was of Young, shirtless and partying. Additional slides showed the quarterback drinking what appeared to be tequila straight from a bottle.

Fisher’s point: The only time an NFL player has a chance to ever truly be considered “off the field” is when he is in the privacy of his home, without any cameras capturing him in compromising situations.

“You are ‘on the field’ when you walk out the front door,” Fisher said.

Thx to Texas Football, Stewie Mandel, and

Old school

NY Yankees slugger Jason Giambi has a new look but I can’t decide whether he looks more like Wade Boggs or Ron Jeremy.

I still remember that home runA few pounds ago

Either way, it’s a much better look than Giambi’s fellow teammate Johnny Damon used to rock.

Johnny Damon?

Oh wait, that’s not Johnny Damon.


My mistake.

Thx to Deadspin

The only time you\'ll find Texas on the left

1963 UT Law graduate and U.S. Western District Judge James Nowlin issued a deposition scheduling order yesterday that is one of the best (if not the only) examples of football benchslappery I’ve ever seen.

pig soooey
Hook \'em

Thx to Tex Parte Blog and Volokh

Good night and good luck

You hear Keith Olbermann go off on one of his unhinged tirades, keep in mind that the insanely-mustachioed Geraldo impersonator pictured above is the man you’re listening to.

Have to admit though, he and Dan Patrick were probably the best sportscasting team ever to hit the airwaves.

Thx to Deadspin and Flash Sports Tonight

I wouldn't want to stand in front of either of these men

The two best running backs in UT history, and two of the best that ever took a handoff for that matter, played together at a golf tournament earlier this week.

Ricky reflected on his uneven professional career and revealed that Dolphins Executive Vice President of Football Operations Bill Parcells went out of his way to retain Ricky, much to the UT legend’s surprise.

Meanwhile, Earl had some sage advice for another great UT running back, Cedric Benson, and his recent boating adventures on Lake Travis (of note, Ricky revealed Cedric had invited him to join the merry mariners that Saturday, but Ricky declined):

I think at some point you have to stand up and take responsibility and realize that you not only represent Cedric Benson and the Chicago Bears and your family. It’s bigger than that …. You represent the university family. You as a man should have some pride in what you do …. Right now, everybody remembers Cedric Benson by what happened up on the lake. Nobody remembers what a great football player he is …. You’ve kind of got to start thinking, and you’ve kind of got to do it before you get 52 years old, you know?

Pretty sage advice from Earl. He more than anyone knows that when it’s all over with, former UT players are often more embraced and honored here in Texas for their contributions to the Longhorns than by the NFL fans of the teams for which they later played.

This reunion of UT greats reminded me of an interview the two did together about a decade ago, when UT was still routinely getting shellacked by nationally prominent opponents.

Now’s a good time to remember two of my favorite Earl runs, the first is from his UT days, and the second comes at about 1:13 from his legendary Oiler career. I don’t know if I’ve seen another running back who, from a standstill, could take one stutter-step and then knock an NFL defensive lineman on his backside.

Thx to Earl, Ricky, and the Statesman

Because it’s Friday afternoon, I am compelled to bring this “life imitating art” clip to you. Have to give it to Sir Charles, he was a good sport about it.


And the art ….

Thx to HotAir and YouTube

Distinguished coach

That’s right UT Head Football Coach Mack Brown has an endowed academic chair in global affairs at UT’s LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Now, the title doesn’t mean Coach Brown actually teaches at the LBJ School, but instead that a professor does whose salary is paid by the chair’s endowment.

Brown now joins two other legendary college football coaches–Joe Paterno at Penn State and Woody Hayes at Ohio State–as the only three in the nation to have academic chairs endowed in their name.

In fact, in two weeks Coach Paterno will be in Austin, along with NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann to headline a fundraising dinner aimed at raising the final $500,000 needed to fully fund Coach Brown’s chair. The athletic department donated an initial $500,000 to establish the chair, and the LBJ Foundation has raised another $1 million in the interim.

If you are interested in attending, dinner tickets are $1,000, tickets for the VIP reception are $25,000, and co-chairs sponsorships are $100,000.

Thx to Texas Politics

Coach Thomas

This past Saturday, noted Nebraska fan Justice Thomas led the Cornhuskers onto the field for their annual spring scrimmage as the team’s “guest coach.” Although Justice Thomas (Holy Cross ’71; Yale Law ’74) is not a Nebraska graduate, his wife is, which has no doubt helped foster his avid support of the Cornhuskers.

Thx to the BLT

Too skinny to win the Heisman

Pretty cool deal for the players today in Austin, getting to pal around with the Democrat frontrunner.

Know who else has UT no. 1 Jersey?  43.

And this, in a nutshell, is why Barack is doing so well. Do any of us think that Hillary or John McCain would be hanging out with the hometown football team just a few hours before a make-or-break debate on national TV? I certainly don’t.

And that is why Barack is so formidable to Republicans (and Hlllary for that matter), because he has the innate ability to connect with all kinds of people and almost has that George W. Bush quality (sacrilege to compare the two I know) of being a guy you’d want to hang out with and maybe throw back a beer with.

BTW, am glad that Colt looks like he’s ready to pummel some Sooner hide.

Thx to BevoBeat

Guess what VY is doing this offseason? Vacationing in exotic locales, throwing his rookie millions away on some expensive frivolities? Nope.

His Vinceness

He’s enrolled at UT for the spring semester working towards getting his degree as he promised he would when he left early for the NFL.

Kudos to Vince for keeping his word to the UT community (and to his mom by the way).

*** UPDATE ***

Video of the local media’s interview with Vince.

Thx to the Statesman

Poor Howard Dean. His party looks like it can’t decide on a Presidential candidate and the Super Bowl Champion Giants are making fun of him. Very well, I might add.

Dead on

Thx to HotAir

Famed Longhorn legend Rooster Andrews passed away earlier this week. Read this excellent story in the Statesman for the full accounting of his life, but just know that Ausitn has truly lost one of its favorite sons.


I remember going into the Rooster Andrews off of Anderson Lane to get my first baseball and football equipment. Now that I have a boy of my own, it sure would be neat to take him into a Rooster Andrews to buy his soccer gear.

In memoriam

Our condolences to the Andrews family, and eternal thanks to Rooster for all he did for the City of Austin and the University of Texas.

In another encouraging offseason move, Mack Brown brought Major Applewhite back to Texas last week. Major elected to leave his position as OC for the Crimson Tide under Nick Saban to be the new running backs coach at Texas.

The Major

If nothing else, Major will bring some good mojo back to the Texas sidelines that we have sorely missed these last two, long years.

Thx to the Statesman

SI confirms what we all already know, VY should have won the 2005 Heisman. We here at SMSB have not been shy about pointing out how VY has owned Reggie Bush, from the 2005 National Title game, to winning the 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year, to whupping Reggie head-to-head earlier this season on MNF.

According to SI, not only was Bush’s 2005 Heisman bogus, Leinert’s ’04 Heisman was as well because Adrian Peterson clearly should have won that year instead.

Thx to SI

Random Austin factoids.


Did you know Mia Hamm is married to Nomar Garciaparra?

And did you further know that they have eight month-old twin daughters, Grace and Ava?

And that Mia and Mack have been fast friends since their days together at UNC?

And finally, that Mia and Nomar live in Austin in the off-season?

Well, now you do, class is adjourned.

Thx to MackBrown-TexasFootball

Yeah baby

If Stewie Mandel has anything to do with it, we just might. Texas hasn’t been in this at-large BCS berth position since the 2005 Rose Bowl invitation that led to the 38-37 victory over Michigan.

Thx to Stewart Mandel

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